Soo... I don't know how many of you know this, but Spider-Man used to be my favorite superhero. This is how I came up with IMSPMN (I am Spider-Man). I'm talking about all of this because I downloaded seasons one and two of The Spectacular Spider-Man onto my PS3 and am currently watching the first episode. It doesn't look super pretty (downloading a digital rip of a live standard definition program and putting it into HD on a screen larger than the one that copied it...), but I sort of like it, reminds me of watching shows via antenna when I was younger, very nostalgic.

I didn't see Haley today. This was all sort of sad news, and sort of made my day not so fantastic. Except it was fantastic, because she's a part of it? I don't know, last night at her house... I just sort of got hit by this... feeling at the door, while I was looking at her, and was like... I don't know. Floored.

I had a dream last night, and it seems I only remember dreams that I actually THINK in. Haley says people can't think in dreams or something, but I DO. I can. I became aware of the dream and I was in a library.tacobar.barnesandnoble. and I hear an, "oh speak of the devil", I turn around and Morgan, Melissa, Laura, and Josh are all sitting at a table. Josh and Melissa say nothing, the whole dream. Morgan says something along the lines of "he isn't my boyfriend" and I knew Melissa wasn't. So it had to be Laura! She comes up to me, and puts her arms around my neck, and I realized something was wrong, so I said, "you aren't my girlfriend" and she shimmered and turned into Haley... Then my mind was running full power, and I couldn't really call anything else that happened "dreaming" as I was... awake.

I love you.


There was more I wanted to write, but I can't remember it.