Well, I decided that it was up to ME to make myself happy. (Imagine that).

Here's my thought train. (Foritwillbeatrain).

*Note. I'm in class, this may start to sound jumbled.*

1. Morgan chose not to be with me.
2. I (for the sake of her argument) chose to keep it that way.
3. I need to move on.
a. If she wanted to be with me she would
b. This is hardly the sort of relationship I need long term
c. Could a long term relationship even come from something this messy?!
4. Moving on.

Step four is where I'm stuck currently. I don't know that there are more steps to the "Morgan Train". So here are the proactive?! choices I've made so far.

1. Hang out with new people
-I've been spending a lot of time with Sarah, Crystal, Beth, and Brit lately.
2. Do "New" things.
-I gave my phone number to a girl this week, I've never done that before. I doubt she will use it, but I did it! So there.
-I went bowling (with some of the above people)
-I gave out my facebook to work people... (This one makes me nervous because of my fear of attachment at a place of soul-deathing)
3. Not think about Morgan.
-This one has been a toughy, OBVIOUSLY, I'm spending this entire time explaining how I'm getting over her, so I'm still thinking about her no?!
-I try only to think of her at night, when I'm alone and most vulnerable, or rather, this is when I'm FORCED to think of her.

Ethan Lack sang for the KARAOKE crowd, it was fun. I think I'll be putting that video up on facebook sometime in the future. It's terrible quality though.

Austin bought a PS3, I blew a hundred dollars purchasing my own controller and Resident Evil 5. I've not got to touch the game as he's been playing COD: MW2 almost non-stop. I would like to say, I've only played two matches. The first match he got about fifteen kills before I figured it out. Then we were pretty even after that (he won, because he had the first fifteen). The next match, I WON! So... yeah. What now?!

Class is starting, I suppose I've exhausted what little I had to say. (I abbreviated it!)


Frack this class.